Successful Agencies

Interviews of directors of AsianBeauties agencies.

Erudite Translation Company, China

My agency name is Erudite Translation Company. I have worked with AsianBeauties for a year. During this year, I experienced ups and downs with this site. When I have just joined in, I knew nothing, I could only reply to those letters in mailbox. With the help of the site, I began to suggest my ladies to chat online. It's a good way to make money, but a bit troublesome. You can only get after you pay. I have prepared lots of computers in my office and when ladies are chatting with men, translators help them. I have 5 translators in my agency. I am not sure if what we do is right. As for presentations, the system can send some automatically, and we send the rest at the end of each week. Reply to the hello notes is a great work to do, but you need to response them seriously. Lots of correspondence start from hello notes. Webcam live chat is very useful, the ladies who are ready to chat online with web camera catch men's eyes. Finding some more ladies is always the most important work for us.

Xunyuan Information, Changsha, China

The name of our agency is Xunyuan Information Company. Right now we have 58 members' profiles. And we are recruiting more and more. In our mind, the high quality profile includes two elements: beautiful photos and graceful introduction. First, we ask members to provide us with their photos with low-cut. When they create their profile, one of the translators help them to express their best qualities and guide them to write the most graceful and attractive introduction. We think the translator should not only do the paper work, at the same time, we ask our translators to be a kind of bridge between members. Although we only have 3 translators, each of them has rich experience and high standard of translation. They can provide the best service.

Tongxinqiao Information Consultation Co., Chenzhou, China

Dear Partners, I want to tell you some basic information about our agency. We are Tong Xin Qiao Information Company. We have 6 translators in total up to know. We are ready to hire more translators to help us, because we still have a lot of members who want to join our agency. After becoming an affiliate partner of AsianBeauties, we think we have become more responsible, and we find it's a good way to make profit. According to my experience, the way to make profit on AsianBeauties is to recruit more members. As for our plans for future, it includes three aspects: first, we need to hire more translators to have better services for all of our members. The second thing, we are ready to do some advertisement in the newspaper or in the internet in order to let more people know about us and join us. The last thing, the regular training is necessary for us, so that the translators could provide better services for our members.

Xiaoyu Translation Company, Changsha, China

Hello, dear partners. After a long time cooperation with AsianBeauties, I have a lot of things I want to talk about. It is our pleasure to have this chance. We are Xiaoyu Translation Company in Changsha. After becoming an affiliate partner of AsianBeauties, due to wise suggestions and guide of your main office our agency is becoming more and more familiar with the western culture and customs. At the same time, AsianBeauties provides us with good economic rewards. Therefore we have more opportunities to make this business better and better.

As for how one can earn money with AsianBeauties, I want to say that according to our experience, there are three most important points that bring you success with AsianBeauties. The first one is the correspondence. The second one is the Live Chat, and the last one is Delivery.

Xilaideng – Changsha, , China

It is a great honor to be one of AsianBeauties' partners. Our agency's name is Changsha Xilaideng Wedding Sets. Our agency has been dealing with many members who want to communicate with people from overseas. For every attentively work staff, we give a high salary reward. In our cooperation period, we abide by the rules and regulations of your site, actively arrange members meetings, and manage the daily working and coordination. Wish in the future, our cooperation could be even more successful and smooth.

Mutual Love – Shenzhen, China

I feel great honor to share my experience with you. We provide translation service for the members who have joined AsianBeauties. In our agency ,we have about ten translators and one person to do the work around the office. Apart from these eleven persons, we also have part time and full time salesman to help us to recruit new members. When new members join our agency, they have one translator to take charge of all the letters. The aim of our agency is to become a high quality service company and make the greatest profit at the same time.

Asian Hearts, Bangkok, Thailand

We have recently become “AsianBeauties” company’s partners.

From the first days of our joint work we felt, that there are unlimited opportunities for creativity, development and good economic stimulus in this cooperation.

An extraordinary approach is very important in this business, because every member is unique.

That's why it's very pleasant for us to work in team with our partners, who always help us in difficult situations. And our common objective is to make single hearts meet each other in spite of distance, language and cultural barriers.

“Asian Dates”, Beijing, China

When I decided to open an agency I was moved by desire to help members of different ages and professions to find friends despite of places they live and the language they speak. But I couldn't even imagine that this business based at first only on my enthusiasm would become profitable. And I could achieve such results due to "AsianBeauties" company.

Quest-for-Love, Shanghai, China

We are a young agency and began to cooperate with AsianBeauties only in 2008. We did not even expect that such a business could bring income so quickly. Thanks to AsianBeauties, all the problems are solved immediately; managers of this company are always willing to help. A few months later we discovered with surprise that we not only had helped a huge amount of members to find their love, but also earned a solid sum of money.

Now we have a stable income every month and simply enjoy doing business together with AsianBeauties.

ThaiAmor, Bangkok, Thailand

I opened my agency in 2005. Since then I have registered many members.I would like to express my thanks to AsianBeauties company and to its managers, who called every time I had some problems, explained to me all the details of the work process. I was really surprised with their professional approach and patience.

My income is constantly growing and I plan to achieve even higher financial goals with the help of AsianBeauties, of course.